The motto of our company is “It all begins and ends with the customer”. We believe that understanding customer needs is the crucial first step that will end with a satisfied customer. We vow to provide the best one-stop real estate service that meets customers’ demand at one go.

Buying and Selling

Our consultants provides both acquisition and disposition services to our investment property owners. Whether it’s raw land, office, industrial, family or retail property, Terra Group’s market knowledge and invaluable experience, coupled with state-of-the-art resources and our access to qualified investors and exchange buyers, ensure clients achieve the highest value possible for their real estate investments.

Tenant representation

Our consultants analyse tenants’ space requirements and real estate business objectives to formulate the ideal real estate solution. Tenant representation experts study market conditions, renegotiate existing leases and relocate or expand companies/families/individuals into new locations.

Landlord representation

Our market knowledge, understanding of how to position a property in the marketplace and ability to expose a property to as many tenants and brokers as possible ensure maximum value for a landlord’s asset. Our landlord representation experts also identify target users, qualify tenants, develop marketing and leasing strategies, and collaborate with property managers, construction managers, architects and designers.

Boutique Development

Terra Group can involve and contribute to boutique development, build to suit, and sale. Terra Group work closely with contractors and turn keys development to ensure quality and assurance of service.


We serve international clients investing/relocating to Malaysia. Our extensive coverage spans –from China to Japan, Europe to Australia and beyond.

Other Services